Arbitration Philosophy

Having spent most of his professional life in the counsel chair, Eric is keenly attuned to the expectations and needs of the parties and their counsel in international proceedings. Eric also knows, from decades of working around the world, how much those expectations and needs may differ.

For Eric, therefore, there are no “cookie-cutter” arbitrations. He does not have preconceived ideas as to how an arbitration must be conducted or a bias in favor of a civil or common law approach. He approaches each case as a unique proceeding, to be conducted fairly and in partnership with the parties, with a view to ensuring that the procedures are well-suited to the circumstances of the case, the parties’ arbitration agreement, the arbitration rules, any applicable laws and the parties’ expectations.

Eric is committed to conducting arbitrations efficiently and as expeditiously as the circumstances will reasonably allow, while bearing in mind the heavy burden that accompanies an arbitrator’s authority to render a final award that will not usually be subject to appeal on the merits.